Born with the gifts of the Prophetic or Divine Messenger, Teacher, and Healer, Mariah uses her gifts to bring clarity and illuminate the path for those seeking answers to life's challenges. Having spent 30 years in the corporate world resolving business and personnel issues for companies, she works with The Divine to help you determine a positive structured path to resolution. Mariah is an intuitive counselor and healer who is genetically predisposed to these gifts. These are in her DNA as many, many generations on both sides of her family have had Prophetic gifts and the gift of healing as doctors. She is a Reiki Master, Animal Reiki 1 & II, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity, is an Ordained Minister, Certified Biomagnetism Practitioner, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner and LMT in the State of Texas. She is constantly learning in order to bring the truth to those who seek her. Mariah has a wide following from those she has worked with for years. 

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Why The Magnolia


Magnolias are over 100 million years old. Magnolias encourages us to gather facts before making decisions and to seek an impartial opinion from someone we trust before making those decisions. 

In ancient China, Magnolias symbolized dignity, nobility and perseverance. Magnolias are resilient and carry a medical energy and essence. The bark of the tree has long been associated with all forms of healing including spiritual healing and the ability to remain impartial. 

The metaphysical properties include ancient wisdom, stress relief, something long lasting and dear held near to your heart. Magnolias have a way of enhancing intuition. The flower has a calming effect that helps with depression and anxiety.

Thank you Holy Spirit! Magnolia's bring an impartial voice of the Holy Spirit who helps bring calming messages of healing and wisdom for your so that you might heal, find peace and move forward with purpose in your life. 

A bridge is a spiritual analogy in life indicating you are traveling across a chasm or chasms. It indicates someone needs to overcome obstacles in life. Bridges were a creation of the Gods connecting mortals to Heaven.


We will all cross bridges in life.

Have you seen your bridge yet?