Spiritual Counseling

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What can I expect from a session? Spiritual Counseling Sessions provide messages that range from general guidance, your career, finances, health, relationship, or a specific message from a loved on who has passed over. The messages that are provided are what are heard and not an interpretation.


Depending on the message you need, you could receive peace and healing for your grief, hurt and guilt. You could receive wisdom and a clear direction or resolution for the challenges or dilemmas you are facing. Remember, God will always provide you what you need to hear in order to heal. It may not be what you think you need, but God and Holy Spirit always knows best.  

We live in an everchanging world where you have free will. By our thoughts and actions we can change the outcome or direction of events. Time is different in the heaven and your interpretation of timing and the actuality of timing will be different. Mariah will pass the information along to you as she hears it. 

All sessions are infused with Reiki energy for additional healing.

The session is approximately an hour. Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with your appointment time. 



Your session is for entertainment purposes only. 

Mariah is not a licensed medical or financial professional or a licensed attorney.

If you have a medical concern please consult a medical professional.

If you have a legal concern please consult an attorney or legal professional.

If you have financial concerns please contact a licensed financial professional.


By agreeing to purchase any session, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation. The information that is provided does not in any way shape or form, constitute legal, medical, business or financial advice. Your choices, actions or thoughts that are based on the content of a counseling session, are your responsibility, and by purchasing a session you agree that they are your responsibility.