Children and the Spirit World

Updated: Jan 2

Recently I received a call from a mother with a 4 year old daughter. The daughter was telling her about "her sister" who wanted help finding the robber who killed her. This child has no siblings in this life so this was obviously a past life. This is not the first conversation that the mother has had with the child regarding dead people or spirits. The parents have been very accepting and supportive of the child. I told the mother what I am going to say below and this is to all parents with children who posses gifts from God.

All children will have some contact with the spirit world for the first two years of their lives. After two years then you as a parent will know if your child will have any abilities to communicate with Jesus and God. Communication can come in many forms from dreams, to a knowing, to seeing. If you believe that your child has abilities please be supportive of them. Talk to them about the conversations they are having with their angels, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Document what you are being told. Make sure that they are communicating with only those of the light. Find a reputable person to speak with and take the child to see the person. This will help them to accept what happens, not be afraid of what happens and be able to discern that the communication if from the realm of God. Whatever you do please do not make fun of your child or scold them for an active imagination. If there are other children in the household, then talk to them also to see if anyone else is having experiences. These gifts can be genetic whether people want to recognize them or not. And many people ignore them or close them off.

Also understand that your child's peers will more than likely not understand the gifts your child has. They may make fun of them. They may tell the other children they are spooky or strange. You need to reinforce to your child that it is ok. They are different and many will not understand. Parents of the children will also fall into this group. Hopefully as our society continues to evolve more people will began to be accepting and understand that most children who have these gifts receive their gifts from God. They are good and not bad. Just because someone is different does not make them bad or wrong.

I knew I was different my whole life but did not understand exactly why. When I made the decision to do this for a living, my husband and I understood that some of our friends and family would be disbelievers and not want to be around us. With your child this will be the same. Your child will have some children and parents who will not want to be around them. Be understanding and talk with your child. Constant communication regarding this subject is the key to allowing your child to be accepting and have as normal a childhood as possible.

Many blessings.

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