Death, the taboo subject

Updated: Jan 2

Why is it that people will rarely discuss death? It something that we all will experience. You can't get out of this life alive! But for some reason man does not want to think about his own mortality. For if he thought about his mortality, he would have to face his choices on a daily basis and take responsibility for his own actions.

Everyone one is responsible for their actions on a daily basis. How you treat people, how you love people, how covetous you are, your addictions, your actions, etc. You are responsible. You might blame everyone else for what happens in your life but you are responsible, not anyone else. Better start taking responsibility now because when you die that is one of the first things you will experience. Everything you did and how it affected those in your life. All the hurt, anger, sadness, happiness, love or any emotion your actions elicited. If you think that you can blame everyone and get away with it, think again. If you think you can talk trash about people and get away with it think again. In the end you will experience it.

When you die, most will go to the light and be met by Jesus, God, your loved ones, your guides or angels. This was all determined prior to your birth. You will feel a sense of love and comfort like you have never felt before. However, you will also recap your life and go through all the angst you caused others in your life. If you have mistreated someone you will feel all the pain you caused them. If you brought joy to many you will experience that. You will then go through your objective for entering this incarnation and determine if you met your goals. You might then go to the Halls of Rest where your soul will recuperate for 2 to 3 months.

If you have left your body suddenly due to an accident, then the opportunity for your soul to be stuck in the astral plane is high. Some souls do not want to believe they have died and refuse to go to the light, thus wandering around close to the earth plane trying to reenter the life they were just plucked from. Eventually these souls are rescued by a loved one from the light or an angel that has been sent to help them transition.

If the soul has committed suicide then they know immediately they just made a bad choice. These souls could also be stuck in the astral plane close to earth trying to reenter their body. These individuals will really have a tough time crossing over as they know they will not be in the general population in the spiritual realm. They have some soul work to be done before they can move forward.

The spiritual dimension is so incredibly beautiful and full of love it is just joyous. The love each soul will feel is overwhelming. No one should fear death. For in death we have eternal life. It will not be what you have here. It will be so much better. All the pain goes away. All the illness goes away. The colors are magnified and there are more colors than we can comprehend. There are flowers you have never seen. The beauty of everything will be more than imagined. And everything that you ever wondered about will finally make sense.

Don't be afraid to talk about death with those you love. Everyone will go through this rite of passage. Some will be very surprised at what they actually find.

Many Blessings.

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