Why are you upset? You chose this life!

Updated: Jan 2

How many times do you talk to people who are upset by where they are in life, or by something that is happening in their life? If they would only be still and know that God is with them and that they chose this life before they got here, it would make the whole experience a lot more fun. We are here to learn and have fun. But modern day society has most people upset daily.

So here's the deal. Your soul evolves. And your soul learns. The way this happens is through living in different incarnations in different time periods with the lessons in each incarnation. You could be an old soul or a relatively new soul. We all have lessons and we all came here to learn. You sat down with God, your guides, teachers and your soul family and mapped out what you wanted to learn here in this incarnation. Everyone in your life whether it is family or friend was involved in this process. You are all traveling together to learn your lessons. You chose them!

Now with that said we all have free will. Meaning that we can make choices and decisions that can alter our course from where we are supposed to be going until we learn the lesson that gets us to the correct end result. One challenge is when you disconnect from the Divine Energy or God. Many people in society today are not connected. They are entirely submersed in this life in an earthly way. They do not take the time to know God or Divine Energy which is inside of us all. They are addicted to money and material things. Those individuals are not connected to the Divine Energy.

They get up every morning and let their brain guide them based on what they hear, read or are told by various sources. They don't listen to the inner voice of God. When you think about a deceased loved one they are trying to get your attention. And most of the time if you pay attention to what you are in the middle of doing, you will understand that maybe this is not what you need to be doing. Your deceased loved ones and God do communicate with you. Most of the time people are not paying attention!

The point here is that we need to be accountable for what we are doing in life. We chose our path for a reason. No one said it was going to be easy. But if you laugh while you go through life it makes your time here on earth more fun. I can promise you that your loved ones are laughing with you no matter what. And God does have a sense of humor!

Many Blessings.

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