Why don't I feel my loved one around?

Updated: Jan 2

Too many times I have been asked about a loved one who has just died. The number one comment is "I do not feel them around me. I thought I would feel them with me." First, if the loved one has just passed away, I have been told that their soul is most likely in the Halls of Rest for 2 to 3 months. When they leave the physical body it takes a little time for the soul to recover and rest. If there has been an illness this will also extend their time in the Halls of Rest. If there is an accident or sudden death then the soul might be stuck in the astral plane and not aware that they are dead.

Now when your loved ones are rested then they can come visit you. It takes some work for them to lower their vibration in order to communicate with us. The more advanced souls will be more active with you also. So if the feeling from "Aunt Betty" is faint around you, then she is probably still learning how this all works. You might really know that "Uncle Harry" is around so you would know that he has done this before. It is a learning experience for most souls on how to communicate from Heaven and the Portal that is open for those in Heaven. But they do figure it out.

If your loved one has been gone for some time it is possible that you are ignoring the signs that they are around. Or it is possible that there is a different loved one around. The next time you are thinking about one of your deceased relatives or friends, that is them making their presence known. It is also possible that if you were very close to someone who has passed over, they are with you and you cannot differentiate the energy and love they carry on the other side with how you felt when they were here. Even in death you are still a part of the love that makes you one.

One thing you need to make sure you do is to acknowledge their presence when you feel your loved one around you. Talk to them. They will hear you. Laugh with them. All those in Heaven love laughter and this will draw them near. This will also draw your angels near to you. There is a lot of laughter on the other side. As humans we don't laugh enough and enjoy the trip. We get caught up in the heaviness of this dimension.

If you are upset that you don't feel your loved one is present, take the time to grieve. Go through the process while your loved one is resting. That way when they do make themselves known, you can feel and accept them with happiness and comfort, not grief. Grief and pain will limit what you can feel as they cause "static" in your ability to feel. Remember the veil is thin and our loved one's can and do communicate with us.

All in good time.

Many Blessings.

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