Whether you choose to schedule a Spiritual Counseling appointment or an Akashic Record Soul Realignment, Amy is an impartial, non-judgmental channel for messages of wisdom, healing and guidance from the Spirit world. 

Spiritual Counseling Sessions provide messages that range from general guidance, your career, finances, health, relationship, or a specific message from a loved on who has passed over. The messages that are provided are what are heard and not an interpretation. 

Akashic Record Sessions are based on the information stored in the records. They will define the nature of the soul as well as, the Soul's origination, the primary energies and vibrational qualities it is made of and also what gifts and talents are inherent to the way our Soul was created by the Divine Source. We become aware of how connected we are to our Higher Self and our Divine nature and the Life Lessons our Soul chose for this lifetime. 


Akashic Record Property Clearing Sessions are also based on information in the Akashic Records. These sessions will clear property and land of all previous assignments and negative aspects from previous events and owners allowing for a clean start. 

All sessions are infused with Reiki healing energy to combine the best of all worlds. 

As always, you have free will to do what you want with the messages that are provided.

It is our hope that you will find peace. 

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